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How to use - Simple KDS for Clover

How to Use the Simple KDS

With ease-of-use as our north star, our kitchen display system is straight forward and intuitive.


    Set Up

  1. 1. Create an account.
    create-account create-account
  2. 2. Connect your device by authorizing access to your Clover account.
    connect-device connect-device
  3. 3. Set up your device by adding a name. Then select stations—the names will be pulled from your Clover inventory list.
    set-up-device set-up-device

    Using Your Device

  1. 1. When an order is input into Clover, it will appear on your Simple KDS. “Pending” orders appear with a RED header.
    header-red-device header-red-device-mob
  2. 2. To change the status of an order from “Pending” to “In Progress,” double tap the order card. Orders “In Progess” have a YELLOW header.
    header-yellow-device header-yellow-device-mob
  3. 3. To change the status of an order from “In Progress” to “Complete,” double tap the order card. “Completed” orders are GREEN and are visible in the “Completed” view.
    header-green-device header-green-device-mob